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Vinyl Standard Frame

$376.65 - $802.00
Retail Price:
$376.65 - $802.00

Bulk Discount

4 - 9
3% Off
10 or more
7% Off

The size you would like to use.

Decorative Base:

The decorative base slides over the post creating a unique, decorative look.

R1 Panel Style:

The style of panel you would like to use for this frame.

Number and Width of Panels:

The number and width of panels you would like to use for this frame.

Post Length:

The overall height of the post. Posts over 8' must ship freight.

Arm Length:

The total length of the post arm from which your sign hangs. The 36” arm can hold up to a 24” wide sign. The 47” arm can fit up to a 36” wide sign. See the image for the difference between fixed holes and sliding clips.

Cap Style:

The cap style you would like to use.

Rider Clips:

These two clips attach to the top of the post arm to hold small rider signs such as “Under Contract.” They can fit up to a 6mm thick rider sign.


The color you would like to use.

Installation Method:

The GroundBreaker stake is better for high wind/loose soil conditions, while the Powerstake is great for normal conditions. See image for a visual example.

Post Stake:

The GroundBreaker stake is better for high wind/lose soil conditions while the Powerstake is great for normal conditions.


One installation option is using GroundBreaker stakes. These are great for temporary or often moved frames.

Substrate Thickness:

The thickness of the panel you will use with this frame.

Substrate Height:

Your overall panel height.

Substrate Width:

Your overall panel width.

Bottom Substrate Height:

Your overall bottom panel height.

Top Substrate Height:

Your overall top panel height.

Overall Substrate Width:

Your overall panel width.

Post Length Options:

The overall height of the post.

Frame Size:

Size of street name insert that will slide into frame.

Bolt Length:

Select length of bolts.

Substrate Size:

The size you would like for the substrate.

Support Channel Size:

The size you would like for the Support Channel. These are used on round poles to prevent rocking in the wind. Support Channel height typically matches the height of the sign.

Frame Style:

The frame you would like to use.

Frame Size 1:

The size you would like to use for the first frame.

Frame Size 2:

The size you would like to use for the second frame.

Stop Sign:

Select a stop sign to go with your post.

Hardware Kit:

All necessary hardware is included.

Sign Backer Size:

The size you would like for the Sign Backer. If your Stop Sign is 24", your backer should be 25". And if your Stop Sign is 30", your backer should be 31".

Bottom Rider:

Select a bottom rider or none with your post.

Install Method:

Choose between Grounbreaker Stakes or Frame Feet.

Post Type:

The post you would like to use. Choose from square or semi-round.

Panel Size:

The size of the panel you would like to use in HxW. Panel size larger than 36" must be shipped via freight.

Backer Shape:

The shape of the backer you would like to use.


The style you would like to use.


The decorative bracket is made of powdercoated aluminum; it's included in the set or system.

Display Board:

The display board measures 36 x 30 and comes with a Cork Insert Board.

Address Options:

Select how you'd like to showcase your address. You can choose a hanging plate number or a number plate mounted at the top of the mailbox.

Decorative Bracket:

You can add a white or black decorative bracket. This is installed under the arm. You cannot use the bracket together with the hanging plate number.


Enter your address in the given lines. You can use up to three lines. Leave blank any line you won't use.

Gauge & Alloy:

Aluminum sheet or plate comes in either 0.063 or 0.080 gauge or thickness. Type of alloy used is 3105.


Your aluminum sheeting may come with or without holes.


Your reflective sheeting may come in single-sided or double-sided setup.

Reflective Sheeting & Color:

The type of reflective material and color you'd like to use.

Plate & Font Size:

The size of the plate and font you'd like to use. A 6" tall sign uses a 4" font while a 9" tall sign uses a 6" font.


This street name sign has no border.


This street name sign has no border.

Letter Case:

The letter case you'd like to use. Choose all uppercase or a combination of uppercase and lowercase.

Send Proofing:

We will send proofing before proceeding.


Select the direction of the arrow for your sign.

Background Color:

The background color for your sign.

Printed Color:

The printed color for your sign.

Speed Limit:

The speed limit you'd like to use.

Arm End Cap:

The arm end cap you'd like to use. Choose from interior cap or exterior cap.

Mailbox Color:

The color you would like to use.

Sign Width:

The width of your sign. The distance or space between the posts and sign is 3" on each side or a total of 6".

Mailbox Size:

The size of your mailbox. Standard size is 18 3/4" long, 8 3/4 ” high and 6 1/4" wide. Large size is 21" long, 11" high and 8 1/4” wide.

Ships within 24 hours. FREE GROUND SHIPPING if Posts are 8' or less!

Product Description

The Vinyl Standard Frame is architecturally pleasing and durable.  There are several decorative cap options to change the design and look of the frame.  We fabricate each sign frame to your specifications.  It will stand the test of time. 


  • Your choice of cap style
  • Two 4” square posts that are up to 14’ in length (available in white or khaki)
  • Top T-rail
  • Bottom rail
  • All necessary hardware


Our vinyl frames can be routed for 3MM (1/8IN), 6MM (1/4IN), 12MM (1/2IN), or 18MM (3/4IN) substrate thicknesses.

Panel Size and Visible Area

These frames are priced by panel size. The panel size and the visual space are NOT the same.

The visual space can be calculated by subtracting 1.75” for the top T-rail, 1.25” for the bottom rail, and 2” for each side that slides into the post. This means that you lose 3” total from your height and 4” total from your width.

Please contact a representative for assistance or if you require more precise sizing options.

Looking for 10' Posts with Ground Shipping Instead of Freight? Select the 10' (8' Post + 2' Post Extensions) from the post length options. Our 4" x 4" aluminum post extensions are compatible with 4" square vinyl posts. They allow for the vinyl posts to stand 8' above the ground by installing 2' into the ground (with cement) and 2' into the post. This item is sold as a set of 2.

*Substrate Not Included*

Product Reviews

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    Posted by Rodger Holdeman on 18th Jun 2024

    These Frames Are The Best In The Market, I would give them a Five Star Review *****

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    Posted by Wayne Arthur on 26th Apr 2024

    We have a lot of builders that need something good and affordable ( in case damaged). These look great and clients love them.

  3. Vinyl Standard Frame

    Posted by Karen Hartman, Hartman Printing Co. on 10th Apr 2024

    We have purchased many of these over the years, and have not been disappointed. The quality, service and shipping time are great and we look forward to buying more in the future.


    Posted by MIKE ROSE on 21st Mar 2024

    They say you can't get all 3 - cheap, fast and good...they were wrong. Very pleased!

  5. 4' x 8' sign with 8' poles

    Posted by Bill Faulkner on 28th Feb 2024

    Solid frame, great substrate depth control. Slipping substrate into frame is a little tight.

  6. Vinyl 4x4 Sign Post Kit

    Posted by Donna Watson on 25th Jan 2024

    Product is as advertised. Fast turnaround and shipping time. I will definitely be purchasing again!

  7. Great Product!

    Posted by Gina Acerbo on 16th Jan 2024

    Awesome and fast shipping

  8. Vinyl Standard Frame

    Posted by Jeffrey Myers on 18th Dec 2023

    Frame was delivered quickly and very easy to assemble. Good quality.

  9. Vinyl Frames

    Posted by Gary Kingston on 15th Dec 2023

    Easy to put together and they look great. Fast turnaround time from the company as well.