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4 Pack of White Vinyl Real Estate Post

$312.80 - $377.54
$312.80 - $377.54
Sign Backer Shape & Size:

The shape and size you would like for the sign backer.

Decorative Base:

The decorative base slides over the post creating a unique, decorative look.

R1 Panel Style:

The style of panel you would like to use for this frame.

Number and Width of Panels:

The number and width of panels you would like to use for this frame.

Post Length:

The overall height of the post. Posts over 8' must ship freight.

Arm Length:

The total length of the post arm from which your sign hangs. The 36” arm can hold up to a 24” wide sign. The 47” arm can fit up to a 36” wide sign.

Cap Style:

The cap style you would like to use.

Rider Clips:

These two clips attach to the top of the post arm to hold small rider signs such as “Under Contract.” They can fit up to a 6mm thick rider sign.


The color you would like to use.

Installation Method:

The GroundBreaker stake is better for high wind/loose soil conditions, while the Powerstake is great for normal conditions. See image for a visual example.

Post Stake:

The GroundBreaker stake is better for high wind/lose soil conditions while the Powerstake is great for normal conditions.


One installation option is using GroundBreaker stakes. These are great for temporary or often moved frames.

Substrate Thickness:

The thickness of the panel you will use with this frame.

Substrate Height:

Your overall panel height.

Substrate Width:

Your overall panel width.

Bottom Substrate Height:

Your overall bottom panel height.

Top Substrate Height:

Your overall top panel height.

Overall Substrate Width:

Your overall panel width.

Post Length Options:

The overall height of the post.

Frame Size:

Size of street name insert that will slide into frame.

Bolt Length:

Select length of bolts.

Substrate Size:

The size you would like for the substrate.

Support Channel Size:

The size you would like for the Support Channel. These are used on round poles to prevent rocking in the wind. Support Channel height typically matches the height of the sign.

Frame Style:

The frame you would like to use.

Frame Size 1:

The size you would like to use for the first frame.

Frame Size 2:

The size you would like to use for the second frame.

Stop Sign:

Select a stop sign to go with your post.

Hardware Kit:

All necessary hardware is included.

Sign Backer Size:

The size you would like for the Sign Backer. If your Stop Sign is 24", your backer should be 25". And if your Stop Sign is 30", your backer should be 31".

Product Description

Our patent pending internal key makes assembly and disassembly of our Real Estate Post fast and easy. It also gives the sign post a clean smooth look because there are no external screws needed to hold the sign arm in place. Installation is especially easy with to our PowerStake.

The 36" arm holds up to a 24" sign.  The 47" arm holds up to a 36" sign.



Are holes predrilled for rider clips?

  • Yes! All of our post systems have a small hole predrilled for 4Ever Rider Clips.

Can we use 4x4 wood posts with 4Ever Real Estate Posts?

  • Yes. A 4x4 post fits perfectly inside our posts. Typically customers who want to use a 4x4 post do not need the included PowerStake.

I would prefer to bury my post. How does this work?

  • Yes. Some customers prefer to bury their posts rather than use the stakes, either because of loose soil conditions or because they want a more permanent solution. We offer an option that gives an eight foot post without a PowerStake. This can be direct buried. If you need even more stability, you can insert a 4x4 wood post into our post.

What tools are required?

  • A Phillips screwdriver for the rider clips and a hammer for the PowerStake are the only tools required. Installation is a breeze!

I am having a difficult time driving the stake into our hard soil. Is there an easier way?

  • Our customers deal with as variety of soil conditions and not everyone has perfect soil. If you are in an area where the ground is frozen or extremely hard, you may consider using a battery drill with a 1/2" drill bit 12-18" in length. Some of our professional installers use this method and it makes installations a piece of cake. Simply drill a straight hole and tap in the PowerStake. Slide your Real Estate Post over the stake and you are done!

My post is spinning and no longer faces in the right direction. What is wrong?

  • All of our stake systems have an anti-rotation device incorporated into their design. In nearly all cases, the spinning occurs because the stake was not driven far enough into the ground. Make sure the bottom plate is flush with the ground so that the anti-rotation feature can do its job.

Product Reviews

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  1. Real estate signs

    Posted by Parcel real estate on 3rd Mar 2023

    Awesome product would recommend it to anyone fast and easy to install

  2. Vinyl Real Estate Posts

    Posted by Rado L Tadich, III on 19th Sep 2022

    Love these Real Estate Posts! Easy to transport, install and remove!

  3. Pricey

    Posted by Chris Evans on 5th Jul 2022

    Product is expensive. Should be better discount on 10 or more.

  4. 4 Pack of White Vinyl RE Posts

    Posted by Pam on 24th May 2021


  5. I like the length of the spike that goes in the ground.. The screw hooks that go in the cross arm are inadequate for high winds and easily pulled out. I have remedied that problem. Did it for a good client and my fix solved the problem.

    Posted by Don Stengel on 27th Apr 2021

    see above

  6. Excellent product!

    Posted by Richard Decoste on 11th Mar 2021

    I am very happy with the product I have received from 4EVER Products. The shipping was quick, the product is great and even better than I expected. I will be purchasing your product again and will be recommending you to others in my industry. Thank you

  7. Great Product.

    Posted by Judd Gillespie on 18th Jan 2021

    The product is great. Have been using it for years. The only thing I will say is what used to be 2-3 days to get I am looking at 5-7 days to receive.

  8. Excellent Quality

    Posted by Melinda on 8th Jul 2020

    These posts are excellent quality and a great value compared to other sites. Packaged very well with the ground spike and accessories. Items are self-explanatory, but the instructional video is a nice touch. If followed properly, posts do not turn in the wind or lean, and the arm does not move out of place. Only problem for me is that the carabiners are too large for the pre-drilled holes in my REMAX signs, so I use cable ties. I give the carabiners to my husband.

  9. Best we've found

    Posted by Larry Utesch on 11th Nov 2019

    We've now sold kits from four different companies. Prices for each company was slightly different. Quality AND service from each company was noticeably different. 4ever products has started with very best product and service.